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QuickTip : Generating project structure using Maven

January 28, 2008


When you are starting a new project it is very easy to get started if the project structure can be built for you. Maven provides a plugin called maven-archetype-plugin which can help you generate the desired project structure depending on the application that you are trying to build. The Archetype Plugin allows the user to […]

So your Agile adoption failed! Ever heard of Shu-Ha-Ri?

January 27, 2008


This story would interest you if you are new to Agile and are planning to adopt it with full enthusiasm. Xlabs started Agile adoption with the full fanfare. It had the upper management support and the team was convinced about its values and the results it could bring to the table. Four iterations down, Xlabs […]

Role of an Agile Architect

January 10, 2008


This post is a reproduction of my article which has been published on Agile Journal by the name The Shiny New Agile Architect. You can download the pdf here. Recently there has been a lot of talk on whether we need an Architect on agile teams or not. There have been never-ending discussions on various […]

Do you follow Agile? You are fired!

January 6, 2008


The post that follows is based on a real life conversation that I had with a friend of mine, who works for a big Systems Integrator. His company, like all other companies today, has the buzz word “Agile” spread all over their website, but the ground reality is different, in fact very different. It shows […]

QuickTip: Android does not load my application in the emulator

January 1, 2008


I faced this problem when I was working with the Android Eclipse plugin and sometimes my application or the application changes would not show up on the emulator. You might want to check out this link which Google has for the same problem. However in my case it was not helpful. What worked in my […]

Introducing Google Android

January 1, 2008


A couple of weeks back I was at the TiE Summit 2007. There I could hardly find anyone who was not interested in the mobile space. Mobile phone space definitely is something which cannot be missed given that today the number of mobile phones far out number the number of personal computers. Also, with each […]