YamiPod: Using iPod with Ubuntu

Posted on Sunday, February 17, 2008


If you have recently moved from Windows to Linux then one of the things possibly troubling you would be how to synchronize your iPod without the iTunes software.

Well the answer lies in

A relative newcomer to the iPod file management arena is YamiPod.

Download from the project’s website at http://www.yamipod.com.The file will appear on your disk as a tarball, so first extract the tarball, and then move the yam-linux folder, which is the product of that extraction, to your home folder.

Follow the steps to get started :

  1. Open a Terminal window, type cd yam-linux, and press enter.
  2. In the same Terminal window, type the following command, and press enter (and make sure to leave a space on either side of cp and between so.* and /usr): sudo cp libfmodex.so.* /usr/lib
  3. When prompted for your password, type it, and press enter. When your user prompt reappears, you can close the Terminal window.
  4. Double click on the YamiPod icon in yam-linux to get started.
    Now you are all set to use YamiPod.
  5. If your iPod is not connected you would get this screen <Screen>
  6. screenshot-yamipod-ipod-not-connected.png
  7. As soon as you connect your iPod the loading begins and you should get something like this
  8. screenshot-yamipod.png
  9. You can create a new playlist by clicking on the (+) sign on right hand corner.
  10. To Synchronize your songs from the hard disk to the iPod.
  11. Goto Tools-> Synchronize
  12. Select the play list and the folder on the hard disk that you would like to Synchronize.
  13. Once you start Synchronization, you should see screen(s) like this\
  14. screenshot-synchronize.png
  15. YamiPod would now try to figure out the best way to Synchronize, if you are satisfied with what it suggests then go ahead
  16. screenshot.png
  17. Enjoy!!!!
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