Do All Members in an Agile Team Get Equal Rewards

Posted on Wednesday, March 26, 2008


In Agile all team members are equal. We ideally have a cross functional team. All team members are regarded as equal and everybody has an equal right to voice their opinions. There is no code ownership. Nobody is finger pointed at etc etc etc

Ah, so much equality that you start feeling that everyone should be paid an equal amount of Salary too. Well … naah!

It seems that the equality ends here. If it does not just imagine that you have just delivered a pretty successful Agile project. The client is happy and so is the team. You decide to reward the hard work of the team. You decide to distribute Bonus. WHAT????? …Bonus.

Instead you might just want to shoot yourself in the leg. Surprised, read on …

So how do you intend to distribute bonus?

1. Distribute it equally among all team members since all members are equal.

2. Distribute it as a % of their salary.

3. Ask the team to decide on how to distribute it.

4. Don’t distribute the bonus at all if you want the teams to work as a single cohesive team.

Stumped??? Read the discussion on InfoQ to get some more insight.

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