Role of an Agile Architect in Chinese!

Posted on Friday, June 6, 2008


A few weeks back I was contacted by Bryan Zheng. Bryan is a part-time editor of Agile Community of InfoQ China and his full-time job is working as the senior editor of Programmer Magazine which is a publication of CSDN is the world’s largest Chinese-speaking online IT community with 2.6 million registered members. Programmer Magazine is the only and most popular software development magazine in China.

Bryan wanted to translate a couple of my articles to Chinese for the IT community thriving in China. First translation was for the article “Role of an Agile Architect”.  The English version of the article has already been published on Agile Journal and is also present on this blog site. You can download the Chinese translation which has been published in the Programmer Magazine.

Thanks to Bryan for sending me the pdf.

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