Drupal versus Joomla, How Did I Decide?

Posted on Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The CMS space is dominated by PHP solutions. Coming from a Java background I would have been happy to work with a CMS solution like OpenCMS or Magnolia but then, as you would have heard, wearing the Architect’s hat you have to be technology agnostic. Or, may be putting it is a better way less biased towards the technology that you like.

So I have worked on some commercial CMS solutions like Documentum and Weblogic CMS but obviously this time around I am not looking to pay for a solution. What are the solutions that we have in the open source space? We have a site called OpenSourceCMS that allows you to try out a demo of the potential candidates and then make up your mind. It has a wide variety of CMS solutions and you pick the one that you need. It also has a list which compares the CMS solution based on user rating.

So from here you can get some idea on what CMS are doing well as per the users. Taking the number fo hits, counts and user rating I narrowed down to 2 possible candidates Drupal and Joomla.

Next, I viewed the demos for the two at OpenSourceCM,

So far so good. Next, was the need to compare the in-depth features and this is where CMSMatrix is particularly useful. Select the CMS that you would like to compare and it woudl give you a side by side comparison. So for Drupal and Joomla I got something a comparison based on

  • System requirements
  • Security
  • Support
  • Ease of use
  • Performance
  • Interoperability
  • Flexibility
  • Add on modules

From this list it became evident that I would be better off with Drupal. You can take a pick on the basis of your system requirements.

Next, for fun I compared 2 other statistics to see if the choice was stil1 valid

Compared the number of books available on Amazon.com for each of them, which were by the way comparable.

Saw the trend charts for each of them. As you can see in the trend chart that Joomla has a higher surge as compared to Drupal, but then Drupal is holding its ground and trend shows a positive variance over a longer period of time.


So it is going to be Drupal for me for now unless I need to look at something which is a strong evidence against using Drupal.

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