Software Releases and Sustainable Pace

Posted on Sunday, January 11, 2009


Several times we all have been in situations where there is a lull period in the product life-cycle. This is when the team is not being pressurized by the product owner to spew out releases because in turn marketing is not ready to push out external releases to the customer. This usually saps out the energy out of the Agile team and is against the principle of Sustainable Pace.

The Agile team should work on a sustainable pace and keep churning out production worthy internal releases. Marketing and business then have the opportunity of picking up the one that they want to promote to the external world.

Assume that you have created internal releases (IR)  like this


  • IR1 – Product + F1, F5, F6
  • IR2 – Product IR1 + F4, F9, F15
  • IR3 – Product IR2 + F6.1, F12, F10
  • IR4…n

where Fn represents the various features that the team has added to the product. These internal releases are prepared with a sustainable pace such that there are no peaks of frantic activity where the entire team is spending nights in the office and neither there is a scnario where the entire day is spent playing fuse-ball.

Now whenever business is ready to make a release to the external customers then they can pick up an internal release and mark it as external so say

1R2 -> ER1, and then

IR7 -> ER2 and so on.

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