Pull or Push, What do you like?

Posted on Thursday, June 4, 2009


There is enough confusion and debate about what is the best model for publishing from a CMS based system. Some advocate the pull model and others the push model based on the ability to scale and be more reliable.

Let us see the pros and cons of these


  • Suited for highly dynamic content
  • Suitable for situations in which you want to feed content based on personlization.
  • Pull CMS must be used with caching for ensuring faster reads and content independence.
  • Can feed data on demand and does not need time based or trigger based push mechanism


  • Content Independence – if the CMS engine or database is unavailable the site could be down but with push, users would not know
  • Pull CMS with it’s server side scripting language and database requirements could place a higher load on a server than a Push CMS, at least during heavy usage hence Push would be useful for static content with a lot of reads.
  • Is server independent, it can push a set of HTML files in a web server independent format for consumption
  • Should have a schedule based or trigger based push mechanism

Theoretically, one can achieve push benefits by using pull+caching and hence all the benefits and dynamicity of pull come along with it.

Any page with the need of frequent updates such as real time statistics, user comments, automated relevant links and a host of other things would become stale pictures of the “baking” moment in a push environment such as described.

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