Sales People are Like Cabs and Airplanes

Posted on Thursday, November 19, 2009


One of my friend operates a cab company. As per him he makes money only when the cabs are on the road. If they are resting in the parking space then they are losing money. This includes depreciation, opportunity cost and the cost of holding inventory. You would have heard the same about airplanes. Their cost is covered only when they are in air. If they are in the hangers then they are just like cabs in the parking space.

Ok let us take this analogy a bit further. Many of us operating in the software industry have burnt our fingers working with con sales guys. Apologies for being so extreme however I have come across so many of them who would promise the moon and then deliver nothing. I am sure many of you would be able to relate to that. So what about the cabs and airplanes? Well, if you see your sales guys spending too much time in the office or at home then they are in the parking space. Sales people should be in the field as much as possible. They shoul be knocking the potential client doors. They should be meeting people face to face. They must be attending and networking at conferences. You should be aware of their moves, how does their day look like, how does their week and month look like.

And last but not the least they should be meeting their agreed upon targets. A cab circling across the city without taking any passengers is of no use. It is just like stepping on the pedal ang going in all directions without a motive. It does waste a lit of gas and you are paying for that.

So next time you see your sales guy in the office or working from home for two consecutive days, then get alarmed!

Ps- this is my first blog using the iPhone, while waiting for my flight to Netherlands. Kindly ignore the spelling mistakes 😉

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