The Big Plunge

Posted on Saturday, May 1, 2010


Close on the heels of James Gosling resigning from Oracle, I too decided that it was time to give shape to my long-term ambition to turn into an entrepreneur. Well before you pull me up for comparing with “The James Gosling”, let me quickly clarify that the similarity with James ends there.

I spent around 3 years with Xebia and helped them set up their center in India. The company already had a base in France and Netherlands and wanted to set up an office in India. It was fun to be the first one in the company and as a first one you have to do a lot of selling for the company at every level. Be it the first interview that you taking or showing the office space to first potential candidate. It was fun buying the first printer and looking for a new office when we grew to 10 people. The first few people are the core of the company and they pretty much define what is the next set of people who are going to join the organization. We were pretty strict about the kind of people who were allowed to walk in. Soon we built some reputation and the company was touching 70+ people. Initially, we had a broad set of principles that we aligned on and the Netherlands HQ was backing us all the while. Things went really well but then I and a couple of my senior colleagues starting thinking that we are compromising on multiple things that formed the base of a great company.

And, the dream was born …. to have a company well-respected internally and externally due to integrity and ethics. The concept is simple. To be in the niche area of high-end enterprise solutions and be respected for the work we do and the way we do work.

Narinder, a colleague of mine at Xebia and I, together started and called our company “Inphina”.

Inphina is a short form of Infinitus which is a Latin word , meaning: unlimited, infinite, without bounds, boundless, limitless. Inphina Technologies talks about the boundless capability to innovate and use the boundless strength of technology to solve business problems. The ‘phi‘ in the Inphina represents the golden ratio which is cornerstone of aesthetically scalable solutions.

Inphina delivers custom applications for the enterprise and provides niche consulting grounded in reality. We focus on building complex enterprise applications which excel on the parameters of performance and scale. We also help organizations become efficient through Agile and Lean practices and principles. We hire exception people whom we are proud to work with.

Today we complete a month of running with this dream and it is amazing how time flies when you are passionate about something. Yes, we started on April 1′ 2010.  Most would recall April 1 as the fools day, but to be an entrepreneur you need to be a fool, well, in some part at least.

Thank You, all the people who have stood by us and helped us start on this journey. We would appreciate your continued support.