why quality is even more important for small organizations

Posted on Saturday, June 12, 2010


Recently at Inphina, we decided to have a backup line for our broadband connection. There were more than a couple of vendors who could be approached. Two of them were big names TATA and Reliance and then we had Spectranet and Tikona as not the large ISPs.

From our office we could see the Tikona towers and the wireless connection strength on laptops was close to 100%. Moreover we thought that they would be a small and agile company like us so let us give them a chance. It sounded like to no brainer to contact them. The first call was well responded to and at the appointed time we had the sales person in our office and we were signing the deal. Then came the surprises one after the other.

The installation did not happen on the committed day, the day when the installation happened, we were not able to connect to their servers. The engineer told us that he would be back in 2 hours to help us out. Those 2 hours are yet to expire despite several calls and 10 days. What would you expect that would we recommend Tikona to anyone now? By the way we are still waiting to get our refund though it was promised that it would happen in 2 days. Given the story of 2 hours which never happened I am very optimistic if we get the refund until 2020.

And then we decided to go with a well known vendor. TATA Wimax, the contract signed around 7 PM in the evening and the connection up and running the next day at noon. Now would the small players learn something?

The learning from the story?

Small organizations need to be big on quality and commitment, even bigger than the big players!

Inphina is small too but we are dedicated to provide commitments and promises which we can fulfil. We would deliver quality which exceeds our guarantee. So far our clients have been delighted to work with us. We would strive hard to continue the same way.