deciding between your dreams

Posted on Sunday, June 13, 2010


Sometimes it is tough to take a call and decide the priority on whether you would like to pursue one dream and drop the other one. Both the dreams might be close to your heart and giving up one for the other might sound insane. You would try to do justice to both of them only to realize that this way you might not be doing justice to any of them. Recently I faced this dilemma when I took the big plunge to start Inphina and was also working on a book, Distributed Agile in Action with Manning publications.

I was under the impression that I would be able to handle both the things. After all there are 24 hours to a day right? But then gradually it became evident that it would be a hard call. After long discussions with my co-author Balaji, we decided to reach out to Manning with our decision to stop working on the book. Incidentally Balaji is also an entrepreneur and is working hard on Spritle,, and a few internet business in stealth mode. It was a hard decision and we were not sure how Manning would react because they had already released a MEAP version of the book and as per what we know they were sold 20 MEAP subscriptions on the day of launch.

Manning is a professionally managed publication house. They understood our state of mind, the fact that we had just started on our own and the business required more attention. Michael Stephens, our point of contact at Manning promptly suggested that though it was regretful to have reached such a conclusion but given the state, it would be mutually in the best interest. He also told us to get in touch with him if we had another offering in the future. Thanks Michael for your understanding and support.

Balaji and I would continue to work on the draft as per our convenience now. We would like to make it a mini-book based on our experiences and community feedback. Find attached a version of the Manning site which shows the chapters that we had released. For those of you who are interested in the chapters that we had written so far, please send me / Balaji an email and we would like to share the work with you.

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