proud to conduct the biggest CSM training! you must be kidding

Posted on Sunday, August 8, 2010


A few days back a colleague of mine brought my attention to a skype status message of an organization which was supposedly taking pride in conducting the biggest CSM training. I resisted my temptation to write on it for the past few days but a Sunday and 3 rounds of Captain Morgan are a perfect alibi.

Now, I assume that when they mean “biggest” they are talking about the number of folks attending the training and not the amount of money that they are fleecing … oops making.

But the question is? Is that something to be proud of?

Let us draw an analogy. Your child is ready for playschool. My guess is that you would hunt for a school which has a good student to teacher ratio. So what is the ideal student to teacher ratio? Ideally it should be 1:1 for the best results right. But that one has practical challenges. The practically best student to teacher ratio as per various researches has been given anywhere between 10 and 15. So would you like the school that meets these standards or would you rather go to a school which has a slightly lower fees but has a ratio of 1:40. I would place my bets with the former and would hope that you do the same.

Ok, coming back to the same discussion about this so-called biggest CSM training. Would you rather send your employees to a course which generates 100 CSMs in 2 days? Would you as an employer put more value to a CSM training in which 100 people are made CSMs or rather a training in which 15 people acquire the knowledge and interact with the trainer with utmost focus. Would you hire the CSM who got a 1/100th attention or a CSM who got a 1/15th attention. I guess, in order to answer this question, you need to ask another question.

Why do I want to do CSM? Is it for the certificate ? If yes, then you would be better off attending the 100 people course. If it is for the knowledge then you would rather start asking serious questions before you go to the 100 people class.

As for the organization feeling proud about conducting the biggest CSM training. Well ….

Note:- The views expressed in this post are solely mine and do not reflect the opinion of my employer / organization(s) that I am associated with. I just wanted to make the community reflect on what do they want, certificate or knowledge with the certificate. 3 idiots anyone?

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