Entrepreneurship Tales : Where is my BlackBerry?

Posted on Friday, November 19, 2010


Something interesting happened today. I came home after work, had a few quick bites and took my kid to the park so that I could spend some time with the little one. While we were at the swings, there was another dad who had 2 kids with him and a BlackBerry 🙂 People with BlackBerry would agree that you cannot have it in your pocket for more than 2 minutes. It has to come out, and get some fresh air. You do that involuntarily.

This amazing pic is drawn with http://www.simplediagrams.com


Ok back to the story, here I was, standing in my faded jeans and a not quite fitting t-shirt and there was the guy with the blackberry with his shiny black shoes and formal dress, showing that he had just returned after a long corporate day. Suddenly, I was transformed into all the years that I spent in the corporate world. I spent close to 15 years in small to large system integrators and more often than not had a blackberry to keep me busy (though I prefer the android phone now). So am I more satisfied today with my own venture as compared to the years that I spent with the blackberry? Most likely yes. The satisfaction that you get is different. The highs are different and so are the lows.

So do I think that the guy with the blackberry was a fool? Certainly not, he was a wise corporate guy and was seemingly doing good for the company that he worked with. So why did he remind me of my days at the corporate world. Well, probably because for a split of a second (may be more) I started comparing my Adidas sneakers with his shiny black leather shoes and got back into the rat race days again.

Lesson Learnt: Focus, there are many distractions, focus.