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Respecting Open Closed Principle with Visitor Pattern

January 31, 2011


One of the common principles in the bouquet of SOLID principles is the Open Closed Principle (OCP) which states that software entities should be open for extension but closed for modification. This means that if we have to add any new functionality then ideally, we should be able to extend the current set of software […]

Preparing a Leave Tracking System in less than 30 minutes with Google Apps

January 24, 2011


On one of our fun filled iBAT sessions, we decided to build something which would be quick and also have business value for Inphina. Amongst the top candidates was a leave tracking system. Inphina is an Agile organization and believes that when one has to take a leave then one has to take a leave. […]

Creating a Management Dashboard with Google Apps in 10 minutes

January 12, 2011


All of us have had situations in which, the enterprise that we are working with, would like to have quick snapshots of the various metrics on the dashboard. These should not only be readily available, but also be refreshed with real data in real-time so that the latest on the health of the organization/business is […]