Inphina Presenting on the Cloud Slam' 2011 Today!

Posted on Friday, April 22, 2011


Inphina is one of the front runners on Google App Engine, at the Cloud Slam 2011. It is rubbing shoulders with some of the well known cloud vendors and niche technology organizations at the conference.

Today, I would be presenting on Multi-tenancy in the cloud and Google App Engine. As you would imagine, the session would have concepts around multi-tenancy, the current solutions and problems and the approach that GAE takes to resolve this issue. My slide deck for todays presentation is present here. Be sure to be online in around 3 hours from now to listen to our thoughts. Inphina has two complimentary passes for the conference. Contact us on to get those. Of course the criteria is simple, you have to say good words about us 😉

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