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Akka Actors on Mac beating the S#!t Out of my Dell

August 26, 2011


Let me explain the scenario. We have n (tens, hundreds or thousands) of Akka actors listening to a queue on RabbitMQ server. So the scenario looks something like this As you would notice, each of the actors gets a message from the Q and invokes a plugin to do the processing and returns the results […]

Creating Object Pool(s) in Scala

August 26, 2011


We are currently working on a very exciting web scale project. The framework is built using Scala and Akka actors and till date we are quite pleased with the performance. The architecture is plugin based where we can dynamically add plugins to our framework for processing incoming messages. Now, this is where it gets interesting […]

Scala Nuggets: Finding All Classes in a Package

August 16, 2011


Recently, while doing a project for one of our clients in the US, we had the opportunity to build a plugin based framework for the product. While, the details of the plugin framework are reserved as a topic of another post, in this one we would see how easy it is to find all the […]

Complaint Resolution and Lack of Ownership

August 15, 2011


An interesting incident happened today. For one of the festivals my wife had bought chocolate muffins for her niece and nephew. As it tuned out, even though the salesman claimed them to be fresh, they were fungus ridden. We came to know about their state once her niece opened the box to relish her favorite […]

Manager! Leave the team alone!

August 11, 2011


The following post is from our guest editor Srinivas Chillara. Srinivas is a Scrum coach and co-author of “Essentials of Scrum practice“- a mini-book currently in advanced draft stage. We don’t need no disruption We don’t need no time control No breathing down the neck in the server room Manager, leave the team alone. What do we do […]