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Vikas Hazrati has 14+ years of experience in the software industry working on Finance, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Government domains. He has a Masters in Software Systems from BITS, Pilani and is a B.Tech in Computer Engineering along with several Sun certifications like SCEA, SCBCD, SCWCD, SCJP to his credit.

He has been involved in setting up Agile based effective and efficient development processes and environments in various organizations. He has defined enterprise JAVA based Technical Architectures of various enterprise level solutions for fortune 500 clients. He is a strong supporter of open source movement and is a commit’er on some Java based open source projects.

Vikas is the co-founder and software craftsman at Knoldus. During his years of experience he has become a recognized speaker, mentor, and practitioner in the software industry. He is responsible for product development, exploring new and promising technologies, exploring best practices of distributed software development and contributing to the technology roadmap for the organization. Vikas is a technologist at heart and is never too far away from the keyboard. He blogs, has presented at various Technology conferences and written articles on Software development on ‘Agile Journal’ and ‘The Server Side’. He is an Agile Editor on InfoQ.com where he posts weekly about the latest and greatest in the community.

He has worked with several big system integrators like IBM, Mastek and Sapient. He was the main driving force behind two startups Solutions Inc. and Xebia India which went on to become successful in their respective domains.




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  1. Hey Vikas,

    I am not sure if you remember me, but, we worked together for some time when you were in Sapient (proKom?). Nice to find you the web. traced you from infoQ to Xebia to here 🙂


  2. Hi Mr Hazrati
    I am from iran. I want You help me for choosing my College degree.Plese tell me Which of this two is better and have better future in world. ( IT or Network Securiy).

    In additoin are you from Iran?

    Sincerly Ehsan

  3. Hi Ehsan,

    My personal preference would be network security as it is a niche area and would give ample opportunities for specialization, but then it depends on what you prefer 🙂

    I am from India but may be we have similar roots given that our last name matches 😉

    Regards | Vikas

  4. Hi Bro,

    I read your post on unlocking the iphone 3gs, and was really helpful.

    I was wondering if you knew the answer to this question.

    If the 3GS is activated on the AT&T network, will I still be able to unlock it here in India??

    Any help is much appreciated.

    Warm Regards,
    Marvin Adams.

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