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Entrepreneurship Tales : Where is my BlackBerry?

November 19, 2010


Something interesting happened today. I came home after work, had a few quick bites and took my kid to the park so that I could spend some time with the little one. While we were at the swings, there was another dad who had 2 kids with him and a BlackBerry 🙂 People with BlackBerry […]

why quality is even more important for small organizations

June 12, 2010


Recently at Inphina, we decided to have a backup line for our broadband connection. There were more than a couple of vendors who could be approached. Two of them were big names TATA and Reliance and then we had Spectranet and Tikona as not the large ISPs. From our office we could see the Tikona […]

Excellent Code is also an Issue

March 5, 2010


We all know the importance of good clean code. Meaningful names, ubiquitous language, one level of abstraction per function, SRP, OCP etc etc. It is not debatable that good code would lead to better reuse, maintenance, enhancements etc etc. Have you ever encountered the scenario where the code was too good and that was an […]

Building Credibility As a Small Agile Software Vendor

October 25, 2009


We recently had hugely successful conferences at UK and Australia, where people very openly admired the way we develop software and the way we engage with customers. We, here is Xebia, the organization that I work with. On my flight back home I was wondering that if people admire a small company like ours so […]