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Complaint Resolution and Lack of Ownership

August 15, 2011


An interesting incident happened today. For one of the festivals my wife had bought chocolate muffins for her niece and nephew. As it tuned out, even though the salesman claimed them to be fresh, they were fungus ridden. We came to know about their state once her niece opened the box to relish her favorite […]

Entrepreneurship Tales : Where is my BlackBerry?

November 19, 2010


Something interesting happened today. I came home after work, had a few quick bites and took my kid to the park so that I could spend some time with the little one. While we were at the swings, there was another dad who had 2 kids with him and a BlackBerry 🙂 People with BlackBerry […]

When Would You Need Transactions for Read-Only Data

October 24, 2010


In any application there are situations where you would have to use transactions. Mostly transactions are used for writes. So you would have situations like modifying multiple data sets and of course all the steps should be in a transaction and follow the ACID characteristics or if you have a high traffic site, you would […]

deciding between your dreams

June 13, 2010


Sometimes it is tough to take a call and decide the priority on whether you would like to pursue one dream and drop the other one. Both the dreams might be close to your heart and giving up one for the other might sound insane. You would try to do justice to both of them […]

why quality is even more important for small organizations

June 12, 2010


Recently at Inphina, we decided to have a backup line for our broadband connection. There were more than a couple of vendors who could be approached. Two of them were big names TATA and Reliance and then we had Spectranet and Tikona as not the large ISPs. From our office we could see the Tikona […]

The Big Plunge

May 1, 2010


Close on the heels of James Gosling resigning from Oracle, I too decided that it was time to give shape to my long-term ambition to turn into an entrepreneur. Well before you pull me up for comparing with “The James Gosling”, let me quickly clarify that the similarity with James ends there. I spent around […]

Download .flv Files, FireFox Plugin to the Rescue

November 8, 2009


Many sites have good .flv video content that you would rather download and listen to when you are not connected to the internet. Firefox plugin called the Download helper makes it easy. Just follow the steps Not sure if it’s legal, but you can: – with Firefox – and DownloadHelper extension – click Play once, […]