Trainings on no-profit basis

I firmly believe that in order to learn more you need to share more. In the past I have helped several organizations on a no profit basis by conducting trainings, consultations over weekends/holidays.

I can try to help you/your organization on the following


  1. Introduction to Agile Methodologies
  2. Introduction to Scrum
  3. Introduction to XP
  4. Adopting Agile, how to start
  5. Agile toolkit for J2EE
  6. Test Driven Development
  7. Continuous integration
  8. Refactoring


  1. Basic/Advanced Spring
  2. Basic/Advanced Hibernate with JPA
  3. Setting up your Java development environment
  4. Eclipse IDE : Tips and tricks
  5. Maven and CruiseControl
  6. Basic/Advanced Junit
  7. Acceptance testing with Fitnesse and Selenium

Please send me a mail at vhazrati at gmail dot com to work out a convenient date.

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  1. hi sir,i like ur blogs and im presently working in a software working on Eclipse IDE.i would wish to know abt it(tricks and tips).and i want to learn the other concepts of javaa too.plz help me out with it


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