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Difference between “Done” and “Shippable”

February 18, 2008


There has been a lot of discussion on various agile forums and blogs about the difference between ‘Done’ and ‘Shippable’. It might sound like both mean the same, however discussions on the lists and various blogs suggest that these are still widely misunderstood, mis-used terms. Here is a roundup of recommendations about how to handle […]

So your Agile adoption failed! Ever heard of Shu-Ha-Ri?

January 27, 2008


This story would interest you if you are new to Agile and are planning to adopt it with full enthusiasm. Xlabs started Agile adoption with the full fanfare. It had the upper management support and the team was convinced about its values and the results it could bring to the table. Four iterations down, Xlabs […]

Agile Offshoring : It’s hard work but it works!

July 18, 2007


This article is based on my personal experience that I went through when we started adopting the Toyota way of working. It has since been published on TSS (The Server Side) and can be accessed here. Software Off-shoring is a reality of the day however there are many projects which fail due to incorrect off-shoring. […]

15 Stand-up commitments to a greater Scrum

April 28, 2007


15 Stand-up commitments for those crucial 15 minutes It is another great day, sun shining bright, traffic snarls continuing on roads, the team getting ready for another productive agile day with droopy faces! Droopy faces , why ??? Well because they have to get over the stand-up ritual first before they can get started with […]