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When Would You Need Transactions for Read-Only Data

October 24, 2010


In any application there are situations where you would have to use transactions. Mostly transactions are used for writes. So you would have situations like modifying multiple data sets and of course all the steps should be in a transaction and follow the ACID characteristics or if you have a high traffic site, you would […]

The Big Plunge

May 1, 2010


Close on the heels of James Gosling resigning from Oracle, I too decided that it was time to give shape to my long-term ambition to turn into an entrepreneur. Well before you pull me up for comparing with “The James Gosling”, let me quickly clarify that the similarity with James ends there. I spent around […]

Modularising pages.xml for a Seam Application

February 19, 2010


If you are developing an enterprise application with Seam then chances are that you would end up with a huge pages.xml file. Fortunately seam gives you an easy way to modularise it. The easy way is to split your existing pages.xml into smaller sub.pages.xml depending on the functionality/modules and then include the following in the […]

All Interesting Agile Posts of 2009

January 2, 2010


Following is a list of all interesting Agile posts that I contributed to InfoQ throughout 2009. Now what is interesting might be a subjective thing. I categorized interesting on the basis of those news posts from me which got high readership / higher number of comments as compared to other. Of course you are invited […]

4th IndicThreads Conference: Turning the Corner

December 28, 2009


IndicThreads is one of the very few well done technology conferences in India. The 4th IndicThreads conference was no exception. It was a clear case of quality over quantity. There were JAVA enthusiasts from around the country, US and Japan who had gathered to attend the event. The event was also a huge Green IT […]

Dissecting Software Craftsmanship

November 18, 2009


Craftsmanship in general is associated with high quality. A software craftsman has to produce high quality deliverables which meet or exceed the expectations of the consumers. Software craftsmanship has more art it to it than science. It has more emotions and passion attached to whatever the craftsman is delivering. Software Engineering on the other had […]

Unit Testing Struts 1.2 with StrutsTestCase, EasyMock and Aspects

June 11, 2009


We have a legacy application and a lot of presentation code is written using Struts 1.2.4. For unit tetsing the action classes we used the following approach. StrutsTestCase provides both a Mock Object approach and a Cactus approach¬† to actually run the Struts ActionServlet, allowing you to test your Struts code with or without a […]