QuickTip: Resolving Bluetooth Issues With Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

Posted on Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Around a month back I upgraded from 7.10 to 8.04

Most of the stuff worked fine except that my Bluetooth service was broken. I could no longer transfer files from my Nokia 3230 phone to my laptop. The steps defined in my earlier post did not work either and I was always greeted with an “Unable to connect” error. It became terribly irritating after a while and then there had to be a way to get around that.

The way that I suggest is one of the possible many ways, if you find something else please let me know. Read on …

There is a bug Bug #191704 in bluez-utils (Ubuntu) reported on forums which gave me hint on how to make it work.

The crux is  that there are some problem with missing hidd in newer versions of bluez-utils as a result of which you have to downgrade to an older version of bluez-utils which works.

These are the steps to downgrade

1. sudo dpkg -r bluez-audio bluez-utils

2. Visit http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/b/bluez-utils/, down load and install the package bluez-utils_3.9-0ubuntu4_i386.deb.

Once you start installing you would be warned for an upgrade already present. Ignore that!

Once the installation begins it would prompt for replacing your hcid.conf. Do not replace that. I am assuming that you have already made all the changes described in my earlier post.

Your Bluetooth service would be restarted.

3. Now restart your Bluetooth file sharing application, under Applications–>Accessories–>BlueTooth File Sharing

4. Do a send via bluetooth via your mobile and you should be all set.

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