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Power of Parallel Processing in Akka

September 19, 2011


If you have been following the Inphina blog and our work with Scala related technologies, you would have noticed a spurt in our blog feeds. The reason being that we have recently come out of a very successful massively scalable framework created with Akka. Inphina holds an active stake in the product and the details […]


September 15, 2011


AMQP is a message protocol that deals with publishers and consumers. It would look a lot like JMS but it is not. The main entities are Exchanges, Queues and Bindings. Look at the following diagram So a producer would send a message to the exchange and it is the job of the message broker (RabbitMQ […]

Building a Plugin Based Architecture in Scala

September 15, 2011


A plugin based architecture has many advantages. Some of the common ones include Extending an application’s functionality without compiling it again Adding functionality without requiring access to the original source code. Replacing or adding new functionality becomes easy Help in organizing large projects Help in extending the functionality of the system to unimagined areas. I […]

QuickTip: Ignoring some jars from getting assembled in SBT 0.10x

September 1, 2011


We are using sbt-onejar and as expected but not intended all the jars along with thier transitive dependencies were getting included in the jar. This was giving us several warnings like JarClassLoader: Warning: org/hamcrest/BaseDescription.class in lib/mockito-all-1.8.5.jar is hidden by lib/junit-4.7.jar (with different bytecode) JarClassLoader: Warning: org/hamcrest/BaseMatcher.class in lib/mockito-all-1.8.5.jar is hidden by lib/junit-4.7.jar (with different bytecode) […]

Akka Actors on Mac beating the S#!t Out of my Dell

August 26, 2011


Let me explain the scenario. We have n (tens, hundreds or thousands) of Akka actors listening to a queue on RabbitMQ server. So the scenario looks something like this As you would notice, each of the actors gets a message from the Q and invokes a plugin to do the processing and returns the results […]

Creating Object Pool(s) in Scala

August 26, 2011


We are currently working on a very exciting web scale project. The framework is built using Scala and Akka actors and till date we are quite pleased with the performance. The architecture is plugin based where we can dynamically add plugins to our framework for processing incoming messages. Now, this is where it gets interesting […]

Scala Nuggets: Finding All Classes in a Package

August 16, 2011


Recently, while doing a project for one of our clients in the US, we had the opportunity to build a plugin based framework for the product. While, the details of the plugin framework are reserved as a topic of another post, in this one we would see how easy it is to find all the […]